Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Inhospitable terrain

So, the Great Indian Motorcycle Roadtrip is taking shape.

The route, roughly, looks like this so far:

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Not that that makes any sense to, well, most people. Except Sumit, who's an Indian from India and has already given us seriously important assistance. Hats off to Sumit.

Sumit also said we should go to Lahaul-Spiti. Here are some photos, purloined off the web:

I'd argue that it looks like a destination, non?

So, all that we need to do now is:
(1) Book accommodation for our first night or two in Delhi (any recommendations?)
(2) Get our visas
(3) Work out where to rent reliable motorcycles from in the Shimla area
(4) Buy the necessary gear.
(5) Oh, and actually work out what the necessary gear is.
(6) I should probably learn to ride a motorcycle.

No worries then, should have it done by lunchtime.

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