Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm Alive.

Yes, I'm alive.

This kind of self-evident writing is no less than you, dear reader, deserve but it's probably going to take you a little while to stop banging your head against the table, continually wondering why you read this utter codswallop.

Once you're done, let me finish, because I'm going to describe a pivotal moment in the preparation for this trip.

Are you quite done?

I hope it hurts.

While the swelling subsides, let's meander back to the matter at hand. I am alive. More importantly, I am alive after spending a weekend riding a motorbike on a combination of farm roads, tar roads and dirt roads. I am remarkably intact, with the exception of a kick-starter-related shin bruise and a slightly more bruised ego from being utterly incompetent and 'kicking like a girl'* when it comes to kick-starting, or more accurately, trying to kick-start a bike.

Rob even had the good grace to tut knowingly and pronounce me competent once we'd made our way to Clanwilliam, via the tar road, and back, via a much longer, more challenging dirt road loop. High praise from Sonny Barger himself. There was one significant difference between this and India - it was hot. Actually, hot doesn't begin to describe it. When Rob checked the temps, it was 39 degrees. At 4pm. I'm not built for heat.

So, India's 4 days away. I survived biking for a weekend. We've got most of our gear.

Bring it.

* Quoth Rob

Another littel update:
(1) Book accommodation for our first night or two in Delhi Iced like a cake.
(2) Get our visas Ka-pow.
(3) Work out where to rent reliable motorcycles from in the Shimla area Rob done stepped up and seems to have, through some sycophantic comments about the Indian cricket team, gotten us the hookup through some dude called Sanjeev. Go Sanjeev.
(4) Buy the necessary gear Bar the caveat below, shick-a-dink.
(5) Oh, and actually work out what the necessary gear is. We think we know what we need. Hence, this one's toast.
(6) I should probably learn to ride a motorcycle. Back. Of. The. Net. Swish.
(7) Vaccinations. I am unkillable by disease. Ish.
(8) Travel insurance Crushed.

Shit, I think we're actually ready. Except for Huck of course. Top Gear rules apply. Thy will be done. etc etc.

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